American Fish Market’s mission is to provide the highest quality, wild-caught seafood directly from fishermen and straight to your front door.

With a wide variety of healthy products available, American Fish Market provides a competitive edge by partnering with individuals who have been in the seafood industry for decades. We work closely with them because of their true understanding of the ins and outs of the supply chain and how to correctly source fresh seafood.

We have over 30 years of experience in this industry. After seeing how some in the industry take advantage of the supply chain and ultimately ripping off the end buyer, we decided to do it differently. and cut out the many many middlemen.

By steering clear of harmful practices that often lead to seafood fraud, like mislabeling, we guarantee that the seafood we sell is truly fresh, honestly caught, never mistreated, and beneficial for all parties involved in the process.

American Fish Market was created to meet the needs of those individuals who strive for optimal health, who share concerns about eating toxins and pesticides, who want to live on this planet forever, and who love fresh tasting seafood.